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I help both Local Business Owners and Online Entrepreneurs

Local Business Owners
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First off, let me tell you, I am no Guru! The proliferation of the "Internet Marketing Guru" implies that someone out there has a super-secret that will unlock your life to the riches that are waiting for you.....(insert hype here)........ bla, bla, bla...etc... PLEASE! JUST STOP! The reality is:
You need to learn new high-value skills and use them to provide solutions to problems.
So I consider myself more of a "Guide on the side" than a "Sage on the stage."

I tell you this now because I like to be upfront and direct, I just find it works best for me.

So let me share with you a little bit about my online Journey.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. That being the case, I have owned many businesses. 

Some years ago I purchased a carpet cleaning company, it was this venture, ironically, that got me involved in digital marketing. 

My Online Journey

When I purchased the business it already had a website, but there wasn't much to it, it was kind of just an online business card. Over time I completely rebuilt that website. When I say I rebuilt it, I mean I wrote the check!  I had to pay somebody to actually build it and, that wasn't cheap. As I continued to polish up the business’s online presence we began to really excel in the area of Google reviews. But it wasn't until I introduced online scheduling, to my website that I realized, the power of Digital Marketing.

I realized, the power of Digital Marketing.

Giving my customers the choice and ability to schedule their appointments on my website, turned out to be a real game-changer. 

Why?  The reality is -  people would much rather make an appointment themselves online,  then have to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. 

I know it sounds crazy, and this is kind of new territory we're in, but it's true. People don't want to pick up the phone, and then have to leave a message, and then have to get a callback, to engage in that wonderful game of “phone tag” and then when we finally do get together on the phone, it's got to be at a time when both you and your customer are in front of your schedule… and on and on.

And here’s something else; I discovered, the type of customer who prefers to schedule online, is the type of customer I came to prefer. 

I've always enjoyed working with my hands and cleaning 

(I know I may be a little weird like that

But the primary reason I ended up selling the carpet cleaning company was that the actual work had become a little too physical for me due to a lower back injury


No, this is not a clip from "Alien."
This is my bottom two vertebrates, bone on bone, with a big old herniation. Talk about motivation to figure out how to earn money in a less physical and more passive way.  I had to do something!

So after owning, operating, and building this business up for 5 years, I feel so blessed that I was able to sell it for 10 times what I purchased it for. I credit a huge part of the success in increasing the business's value to the success we had with digital marketing, even though it was just a small exposure to digital marketing. 

So after I sold the carpet cleaning business I was determined to learn how to make money online, so that the physical limitations I was experiencing with my lower, back would no longer be a hindrance to earning a living. 

Now,  I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but when one decides that they want to learn how to make money online....... 

There are a TON of options. 

So now I was faced with the challenge of deciding which direction to take. After much research, I was very much attracted to both affiliate marketing and e-commerce. 

Turns out that my in-laws lived next door to a couple of young guys who were crushing it selling through Amazon's FBA program. So I figured since I knew somebody doing this, you know,  like a real person,. Let's start here. 

So,  I got the courses and I spent the money and I bought the apps, and the software, and all the things,... Selling on Amazon, easy peasy right? 


Long story short,  it wasn't my jam. It turned into a $50,000 lesson. 

Who knew selling on Amazon wasn't as easy as it doesn't look.


Keep on swinging!


As an entrepreneur, I have come to understand that I am not going to hit a home run every time I’m up to bat. 

I have also come to understand that it’s not about how many homers you hit, It’s more about how many times you get up to bat. You just gotta Keep on swinging!

My focus then turned to Real Estate. 

Another passion I have dabbled with over the years. 

I decided to go ahead and get my real estate license. 

But something happened during the class that got me refocused towards digital marketing.  

When I started to study I first needed to create a few study tools for myself,  and for me, that means making audio recordings of my study notes.

You see, the “auditory learning style” is the one that suits me best. 

So I made the recordings and I listen to them over and over and over again.


And I passed not only the class test but also the state exam on the first attempt (understand in my state there's a 60% fail rate on this test) so this was a big deal!

And although I was excited to pass the exams and get my license, I ended up being even more excited by the prospect of selling my study recordings online! 

Yep, something just clicked and I knew I could help a lot of people pass this exam!  And I also knew that there was real value in this kind of product. 

So that's what brought my focus back to Digital Marketing.

And as I began putting that product together and building the website, I started to see, more and more, the opportunities that are all around us with digital marketing.

"I started to see, more and more, the opportunities
that are all around us with
Digital Marketing"


So after being a user of Builderall for several years, I've decided to go all-in and promote Builderall! It just makes sense to me, in this environment, where everybody's at home and online - now that more and more people are coming online every day -  The demand for digital marketing tools has never been higher! This market is huge and growing. Plus I love earning recurring commissions every month

But the biggest reason I have decided to promote Builderall is that it has legitimately changed my life! 

For real, between all the tools and training the platform offers and most importantly the community, I have become a part of…. I just can’t see not spreading the good news of enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, in a high paying field, with great tools and great people. 

Plus - The VALUE!! The price of Builderall is ridiculous! Seriously, almost 40 tools for less than the price of most tools that only do one thing, come on. 
Over the last few years, many “affiliate” products have caught my attention but I promoted none of them, why? Because I never wanted to promote anything that I was not sure about and didn't have experience with.
Well let me tell you, after using builderall for several years, I am sure! 

Builderall presents a tremendous value and great opportunity for those who choose to share it.

Let me tell you a little more about why I believe promoting Builderall presents such a great opportunity. 

Builderall’s commission structure is 30% recurring on 2 tiers…

Which means whenever someone in Builderall makes a sale, not only does that person earn a %30 commission, every month, but so does that person's sponsor, and that person’s sponsor!

Note: This is not an MLM or a 'pyramid' and is 100% legal worldwide (we are in over 100 countries)

(I am not against the MLM business model-been there done that-this just isn't it. It is simply a 2 tier commission structure.)


Such a powerful program!

Builderall's 2-Tier Affiliate Program is really powerful in that... The more sales anybody on your team makes, the more commission you earn. This sets up a perfect environment for cooperation as it is in our interest to help each other succeed. When I began to see the leverage potential here, that’s when I decided to go all-in! And I know that I am better off building a team of like-minded people, who I can travel with on this journey than I am trying to do it all by myself. Plus after having received so much, from so many in the Builderall Community, I can’t help but want to continue the sharing. So If promoting a valuable subscription software platform, like Builderall makes sense to you, then I would love to have you on my team.

Working Together Builds Success

Here is my vision for success: We work together. I mentor you personally on the Builderall 2-Tier Affiliate Program. You will learn, and have access to, the strategies, funnel templates, training, and marketing material that Builderall has spent a ton of money on to help you succeed, plus I will be here to help you every step of the way. Remember when you earn a commission, so do I, so of course, I'm gonna help you be successful. For your part, you commit. Be teachable and follow instructions. Schedule and follow through with posting and promoting. Be accountable and be consistent! (Listen, nobody can do this for you - you've got to be all-in, building the life of your dreams takes intention) 

Building the life of your dreams... Start Now!

It won’t happen overnight but if you are determined to figure it out, follow instructions, and don't quitthe sky truly is the limit! So now, I would like to invite you to join me on this journey. You will have access to my mentorship for free when you sign up for Builderall on my team.

Builderall’s 2-tier affiliate program is 100% FREE to join and start earning. BUT, you will need a Builderall account to download your funnels and access the marketing tools.

Listen: Builderall is a fantastic user-oriented Software Company that offers an unparalleled value in a rapidly expanding market space. I see it as the perfect market to be in right now. I kind of view “Digital Marketing Tools” as the picks and shovels of the gold rush days. People need these tools! If this all makes sense to you, as it does to me, join me and this awesome community of people making recurring commissions with Builderall’s 2-tier affiliate program. 


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